PPSB: Privacy-Preserving Safe Browsing

  • PPSB is an open-sourced Privacy-Preserving Safe Browsing platform. It enables the Safe Browsing service without sacrificing your privacy. Particularly, in PPSB, the actual URL to be checked, as well as its associated hashes or hash prefixes, never leave your browser in cleartext.

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PPSB allows you to collaboratively choose different third-party content providers with their update-to-date lists of unsafe URLs. For demonstration purpose, we have included a default source (20,957 unsafe domains) in this extension, where the blacklist is from MalwareDomains.com and the server is maintained by ourselves. The current available blacklist sources are listed here.

If you are a content provider and want to deploy your own PPSB server, please watch this video. By using our lightweight yet stand-alone Docker image (ppsb/server), you can easily and privately contribute your valuable blacklist. Note that these published blacklists are always encrypted and kept private within the PPSB platform.